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Jan. 17th, 2008 | 06:28 pm
mood: chipper chipper

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Jul. 21st, 2005 | 01:01 am


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May. 3rd, 2005 | 09:33 pm
mood: cheerful cheerful
music: Akon- Mr Lonely

well i neever actully updated this thing in forever.
lastweekend my parents went away to moncton for my brothers hockey thing i stayed with my nan. i actully enjoyed being with her i never see her much anymore and she has got to be the coolest nan ever.
i tell her everything , shes wicked.
i went out all weekend and stayed at kaitlins a few times.
Monday i had grad until 7 i thought it was gonna suck but it was actully fun.
me jason and matty had to iron these musical notes for our prom
then the rest of the time i painted listened to music, talked and ate a little too much.
liam & johnathon bought me a poutine from wendys bc there so friggin nice.
the girls gave me some of their pizza & jess gave me some of her garlic fingers
pig? i think so
but yeh it was a alright time.
our prom theme is "kissed by a rose"
eeeek.. i dont really like it :\ it might look alright when its all finished but right now im not likin it, its all black and white oh and some red.
i'd rather some "color" but if everyone else likes it then meh it will be alright.
im going with daniel he asked me like a few days ago.. which is wicked
i went prom dress shopping after school today hahah
found.. nothing?
but a few too big tacky lookin dresses, me and kendra had a good time tryin em on tho and laughin at ourselves.
we deffently made a sene both of us in one hella tiny dressing room
and all you could hear is its side ways.. no it isnt dummy.. oh god it doesnt fit.. here put it over your head.. ahaha and so on.
thennn we went to wallmart so i could get sewing material care bears stuff at that its cute.
then macdonalds.. me & kendra got happy meals which came with cats?
we had a good laugh over that
mine got ketchup on it and i was like ooo no kitty has ketchup on her
kendra cracked up literally then i put each of them in my jean jacket pockets and we laughed some more.
god i love her.

but yeh hopefully i will find a decent dress in halifax.
but anyway im gonna go burn a cd and go to bed



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Apr. 3rd, 2005 | 11:08 pm
mood: excited excited
music: gwen stefani- holla back girl

tomorrow im leaving for 11 days
headin up halifax tomorrow night, stayin the night then my flights early tuesday morning
goin to flordia, yo
can't frickin wait.
just to get offa this island for a bit and away from all the things im hating at the moment.
my family + kendra & her mom are going
should be fun.

me and kendra were kinda of fighting yesterday?? were all good now tho had to make up before the big trip or it would have blew us being mad at each other.
currently i have a list of things i have to bring people
megan- mickey mouse ears
craig simpson- a rock :\
craig andrews= sand, white sand to be exact stuff from the beach not the sidewalk hahah
lloyd- papers.

anyone else want any gifts?? ahahh
when i come back im going to be a lobster hahah yous can all laugh at me if yas wana cuz im gonna look like i dont know what hahah
but yeh i guess i gotta go get some sleep bc i have to get up early.

loveee & will miss yas alll

p.s// angela i know you'll be reading this so give me a call when im down there 578-0404, actully im not even sure if that will work so if not ill call youu <3

cyas alll soon.

*kristyn i heart .

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Oct. 3rd, 2004 | 09:33 pm

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Sep. 21st, 2004 | 09:41 pm
mood: ditzy ditzy
music: vanessa carlton- white houses

this morning i woke up hoping there was no school but of course there was, so i got ready and then left for the bus stop i was literally blowing away walking up there and then stood around in the freezing cold rain for about 10 minutes.

anyways school was boring it was about below 0 in there. after school i just went on the computer and ate and shit and then daniel was like im bored come outside so i met him halfway and we went to the store just talked and watched him make fun of what he calls my ditzy run.. haha then he was throwin those spiky chestnut things at me sayin catch catch which he knows i cant, got to the store stood in the movie part and just looked at movies hes like did you see mean girls? im like no hes like oh yeah i wana see it i cracked up laughing. then we went to the fourm only to find a bunch of 3 years olds who cant skate just sitting on the ice listenin to the coach, so we were like screw that gets outside and starts walkin where are we going? ahh i dunno your house haha ok

gets to my house mom just made cookies so i grabbed a handful and went in the living room and played video games for like 2 hours.

i really like hangin out with daniel its fun bein with him even if all we do is play stupid video games which i dont know how to play.

haha but yeah then he went home around 8:30 er so and then i was just sittin at the kitchen table talkin to my mom and her friend, i hope i dont have any homework because i dont plan on doing it. school tomorrow:\

thompson dance thursday and tl dance friday:)


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Sep. 11th, 2004 | 04:00 pm

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kendra .

Aug. 16th, 2004 | 06:39 pm
mood: bored bored
music: the computer

this is kendra

bye, i dont know what to say

i Like Justin

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Aug. 7th, 2004 | 10:45 pm

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